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Released: Aug 5, 2008
Updated: Aug 5, 2008 by Adrien
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Release Notes

The latest release of SharePointOfView contains the following features:
  • SharePointOfView.Diagnostics
    • ULS : Write to the SharePoint Log. Based on MSDN :Trace Log Example
    • SPEventLog: Write in the 'Windows SharePoint Services 3' source Event Log
  • SharePointOfView.EventReceivers
    • WebConfigFeatureReceiver : This SPFeatureReceiver enable easy web.config modifications via a XML file.
  • SharePointOfView.ExpressionBuilders
    • ResourcesExpressionBuilder Let you type this "<asp:Label id="lbHelloWorld" runat="server" Text="<%$ SPResources:res,HelloWorld %>" />" in the ASPX file
  • SharePointOfView.ExtensionMethods
    • SovTryGet<T> : Try to get the object stored in the SPBaseCollection.
    • SovDeleteUploadedFiles : Deletes the uploaded files. (Inspired from a Robert L. Bogue’s code |
    • SovDeleteItems : Delete all the items specified via the metadata dictionary
    • SovAddItems : Adds Item to the selected List, will use the metadata to insert data into Columns
  • SharePointOfView.Utilities
    • Localization : Get string from key, resource file and language
    • Version : Tell if MOSS is installed or not
    • WebConfigModification : Add/Remove a configuration modification to a webapp web.config
  • SharePointOfView.WebControls
    • WebPartBase : BaseWebpart with enhanced Exception control
    • XslTransformWebPart : Base Web Part that applies XSL transform to an XML string

Version improvements:
  • Add Localization to WebPartBase & XslTransformWebPart
  • Add custom attributes so as to localize ASP.Net 2.0 WebParts properties attributes (WebDisplayName, WebDescription, Category)
  • Add embedded default and FR-fr resource files
  • Add time display when an error is handled by WebPartBase
  • Add an XSLT Utilities class
  • Modify XslTransformWebPart so as to use XSLT utilities class
  • Update the List URL property of the CAMLQueryWebPart
  • Modify the ResourcesExpressionBuilder class to support its use in compiled pages

The latest release of SharePointOfView.Samples contains the following features:
  • SOVASPNETAjaxConfig
    • Add ASP.Net AJAX support for current web application
  • SOVExtensionMethods
    • On Feature Activation : Uploads 4 'Hello World' Web Parts, Create a Custom List and Insert 50 Items.
    • On Feature Deactivation : Delete all items in the list, Delete the list and Delete the WebParts from the Web Parts Gallery
  • SOVWebControls
    • On Feature Activation : Uploads WebPartBase and XslTransformWebPart samples.
    • On Feature Deactivation : Delete the WebParts from the Web Parts Gallery

To install the solution, you can use either:
This sample has the following dependencies:
  • ASP.Net Ajax
  • WSS SP1

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