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Project Description

The goal of this project is to regroup a set of features and extensions created to simplify the development process with SharePoint.

We will publish every bits of code we use in our every day development.

For more information about each part of this project, please consult the contributor's blog (in French):

Please use Discussions and Issue tracker to submit any ideas or problems you might have with this project.

The latest release of SharePointOfView contains the following features:
  • SharePointOfView.Diagnostics
    • ULS : Write to the SharePoint Log. Based on MSDN :Trace Log Example
    • SPEventLog: Write in the 'Windows SharePoint Services 3' source Event Log
  • SharePointOfView.EventReceivers
  • SharePointOfView.ExpressionBuilders
    • ResourcesExpressionBuilder Let you type this "<asp:Label id="lbHelloWorld" runat="server" Text="<%$ SPResources:res,HelloWorld %>" />" in the ASPX file
  • SharePointOfView.ExtensionMethods
    • SovTryGet<T> : Try to get the object stored in the SPBaseCollection.
    • SovDeleteUploadedFiles : Deletes the uploaded files. (Inspired from a Robert L. Bogue’s code |
    • SovDeleteItems : Delete all the items specified via the metadata dictionary
    • SovAddItems : Adds Item to the selected List, will use the metadata to insert data into Columns
  • SharePointOfView.Utilities
    • Localization : Get string from key, resource file and language
    • Version : Tell if MOSS is installed or not
    • WebConfigModification : Add/Remove a configuration modification to a webapp web.config
  • SharePointOfView.WebControls
    • WebPartBase : BaseWebpart with enhanced Exception control
    • XslTransformWebPart : Base Web Part that applies XSL transform to an XML string

The latest release of SharePointOfView.Samples contains the following features:
  • SOVASPNETAjaxConfig
    • Add ASP.Net AJAX support for current web application
  • SOVExtensionMethods
    • On Feature Activation : Uploads 4 'Hello World' Web Parts, Create a Custom List and Insert 50 Items.
    • On Feature Deactivation : Delete all items in the list, Delete the list and Delete the WebParts from the Web Parts Gallery
  • SOVWebControls
    • On Feature Activation : Uploads WebPartBase and XslTransformWebPart samples.
    • On Feature Deactivation : Delete the WebParts from the Web Parts Gallery

To install the solution, you can use either:
This sample has the following dependencies:
  • ASP.Net Ajax
  • WSS SP1

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